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Mesay 1.0-Your Pocket Translator

Voice Translate 20 kinds of languages in 1 second ! Mesay makes the surprise happen! – You say, I know!


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About Mesay

Mesay is the most handy portable language translator device in the world. Weighs only 0.1 pound, but makes simultaneous translation between 18 languages possible. It uses artificial intelligence to translate between 20 languages, with each translation costs no more than 2 seconds and 90% accuracy is assured. You need Voice Translator device for communicate not for traslate words
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What Make Mesay Different

Real-Time Translation

Just one click translation:no more than 2 seconds.

20 Language Suppory

Support Chinese-English offline and 20 language online.

Multi-Language Chat

Support Voice search keywords to find commonly used statement.

Voice Record

Voice input to tex or Word text, one key to share.


Connect hotpot of your phone or 3G to keep online .

Call Distress

Voice call can be done under 3G, one button system keep you safe.

MP3 Player

Support Mp3 player, play recording/music and other files.


Works with(Bluetooth) earphone for privacy.

Learn More About Mesay Story.

Our team has always have a dream that we can fully realize the main purpose of Mesay company, that is to change the way people communication to promote cultural development; to make cross-culture communication a more pleasant thing to have all the countries linked with each other and finally make our earth a real global village.

Please give us your support if you have a shared mission with us!

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What Our Clients Say..

We aim to provide an excellent service to our customers at all times.
I like Traveling, but the langauge problem always make me feel so shy to communicate with kind local, Mesay let me go out bravely without a guide Cool! Mark Ruffalo

International trade booms mu business, but meeting was always awkward without a interperter, Mesay way amazing when i talking with  foreign businessman in exhibition. Nana From Russia

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Add:The fourth floor of Building B, Zone A, Phase II, Tongfuyu Industrial Park, Huafan Road, Dalang Street, Longhua New District, Shenzhen

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