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About Mesay 2.0

Mesay is a portable device that can translate into 16 different languages, with each translation will costs you no more than 1 second! The usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in translating can be guaranteed that 97% of the translations are accurate. It is really light device, 0.1 pounds, that you can bring everywhere.

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What Makes Mesay 2.0 Different

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Our team has always have a dream that we can fully realize the main purpose of Mesay company, that is to change the way people communication to promote cultural development; to make cross-culture communication a more pleasant thing to have all the countries linked with each other and finally make our earth a real global village.

Please give us your support if you have a shared mission with us!

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What Our Clients Say…

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I gave Mesay 2.0 a try and love
that it is user-friendly. Although it
doesn’t have all the languages in
the world but it is good enough for


Studying in China becomes easier
with Mesay 2.0 because it helps me
to have conversation with Chinese


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Add:The fourth floor of Building B, Zone A, Phase II, Tongfuyu Industrial Park, Huafan Road, Dalang Street, Longhua New District, Shenzhen

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